Amazing Tech Gadgets That You Need In Your Man Cave

Every guy deserves a man cave. A zone to get away, take a break from life, and do what guys like to do. To make your man cave the perfect place, here are the top tech gadgets that every man cave needs.

BestMassage Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair


One of the most important features of any man cave is the captain’s chair. Get the most comfort possible while you sit back and watch the game. This chair offers full body shiatsu massage, heating, and a stretched footrest all while improving flexibility, mobility and posture of the legs.

BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector


Ditching the TV and upgrading to a projector is the key to having a superior man cave. With this projector, you can display up to 200 inches while watching in full HD. Whether you are watching your favorite action movie or your favorite team, this projector will turn your little boy space into a man cave.

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar


Listening to your favorite music has to be done using great quality. This soundbar features easy Bluetooth connectivity, amazing quality, low distortion, and easily mounts to your wall. Keep the tunes cranked up and the big game blaring when you and your buddies are enjoying your man cave.

Amazon Echo


Having a heated debate about which team has a better record? Ask Alexa using the Amazon Echo. Alexa does everything from answer your questions, play music, set reminders, and even turn off the lights. Never leave the comfort of your chair by utilizing this hands-free device.

Xbox One


Video games are essential to having a complete man cave. Release some stress by fighting zombies or building your own city. Everyone needs a break from life sometimes and the Xbox One lets you do just that. With more than just video games, this console has a lot to offer. With this console, you can watch Netflix, stream Spotify, and even watch live TV.

Chicago Gaming Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Class of 1981 Arcade Gaming Cabinet


To put your man cave above all others, you need this classic arcade game. Offering hours of entertainment, this gaming cabinet features two of the most iconic arcade games: Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. This is the real deal, featuring real arcade controls, a 24” commercial arcade monitor, and reproduction artwork.

Great Northern Popcorn Company Antique Popcorn Machine


Keep the popcorn flowing with this heavy-duty machine. This popcorn machine makes about three gallons of popcorn per batch, plenty for you and all of your buddies. With easy cleanup, all you need is water. Keeping your popcorn warm is easy with the built-in spot light warmer, stirrer, and pot heater. If you want the cart attachment, it is only about $135.00 more.

ZKTeco Fingerprint Door Lock


Keep the kids and the girls out of your man cave with this awesome Bluetooth/fingerprint door lock. Using your smartphone or fingerprint, this lock will give only those you want access to your favorite place. It is easy to add more fingerprints to the lock while being able to track who used it and when.

EdgeStar 84Can Beer Fridge


Every man loves beer. And instead of having to go upstairs into the kitchen to get another cold one, stock up your man cave using this mini fridge. This compact fridge can fit in any man cave and can hold up to 84 cans. Never miss another minute of the game having to go grab another beer, stock up using this perfect beer fridge.

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