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LG’s Rolls Out Its Version of BB-8

At 2016’s Mobile World Congress, LG delighted and surprised tech enthusiasts with a bunch of cool items, including its Rolling Bot. The smartphone-guided spherical robot moves around much like the lovable BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and, like that droid, comes with some secret features that will make you say, “This is the droid I’m looking for.”

Equipped with a laser pointer and camera, this quirky little bot can do more than just entertain your cat (although that seems to be more what its geared for), it can let you remotely monitor your home thanks to a Wi-Fi connectable IP camera that streams through LG’s G5. Imagine that, having your very own robot security guard that moves around your house, checking every room for trouble. That’s a pretty cool thing if you ask me.  Okay sure, it can’t actually do anything if an intruder does break in—and yeah, it can’t handle stairs—but it’s still a big step (or in this case, roll) in the direction of an Asimovian future.

Much smaller than BB-8, the LG Rolling Bot Bot is 7.87 inches in diameter and while it doesn’t come with a blowtorch, it does include that cat-taunting laser pointer (get ready Internet!), a microphone and speaker, an infrared remote sensor, and an 8-megapixel camera. It also has an external microSD slot so that you can increase its storage space and connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

LG’s Droid provides spying on cell phone without installing software mobile surveillance via the LG Friends App. Its camera can scan fifteen degrees up or down—giving you the ability to scope out what your cat is doing up on the counter or under your bed. But LG claims the bot can and will do more than just that. According a report from the Verge.com, “Once connected, the little drone can remotely control your TV, audio equipment, and air conditioner, or it can use a laser light to distract your pet. With an integrated camera that can shoot 1080p video or 8-megapixel stills, 512MB of RAM, and a bundled 16GB microSD card, the Rolling Bot actually has quite a respectable spec sheet.” And while the site jokes that you can strike up a remote conversation with your cat through the built-in microphone and speaker, the fact remains that that option of listening and talking to someone in the droid’s vicinity is a pretty useful and super cool thing.

The LG G5 is said to be making its way to consumers in April of this year, but their Rolling Bot doesn’t “roll out” until about 6 months later. How much the robot will cost is anyone’s guess right now—LG hasn’t announced a price as of yet. One thing is for sure, geeks, techies, and home security dabblers the world over are pretty excited for this little guy’s release and what comes after.